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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 31, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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3, 2, 1. >> this was the scene just about an hour ago in new york's times square. the iconic ball dropped to ring in 2013. good evening, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm frank somerville. julia is off tonight. it's just two hours and counting until 2013 in the bay area. the crowd is really starting to gather along san francisco's
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waterfront. live at justin herman plaza. that is the prime viewing location for the fireworks. >> reporter: a lot of people are definitely coming out here to check out that show. we watched the crowd steadily grow out here. right next to several muni lines. we can tell you muni is running free overnight tonight. just up market street, that's where bart is. bart is going to be running until 3:00 a.m., tomorrow morning to help people celebrate safely. the light show is just beginning along san francisco's waterfront. a preview for tonight's 15 minute fireworks display at midnight. san francisco police are estimating as many as 250,000 could turn out for the big show. >> just the excitement. it's just the eclectic crowd. the everything. it's the city. >> reporter: restaurants along the embarcadero, like sin bads say the only holiday that can approach new year's eve
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business is mother's day. >> we are booked out for the night entirely every year. >> reporter: crews put up barricades to keep new years revelers off the street. >> be advised if you are out there and you happen to be very inebriated, you will be stopped. >> i'm going straight home and going to bed. >> reporter: if you take a look at our live shot, you might be able to see a couple of san francisco police officers. we can tell you, they are spread out throughout the city, and there are officers throughout the bay area, out patrolling for drunks tonight. i was told by one officer, even if someone manages to make sure way through one of those check points, the officers tell me they have ways of tracking down these people if they try to
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avoid going through the check points, so they're definitely on alert for drunk drivers. we will be back with an update at how things are developing here, getting ready for tonight's big fireworks display. ktvu, channel 2 news. more details now. pyrotechnic experts say they're ready for tonight's big show. they spent today, filling in firework shells. the shells are set with computerized fuses, so that they go off exactly as planned for the synchronized show. it's all free, and as christian mentioned, it's set to last for about 15 minutes. the traditional ball drop in new york city took place just about an hour ago. officials estimate more than 1 million people from all over the world crammed into several blocks around times square. there were so many people you couldn't get close enough to see it. this year, there were no food
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vendors, or public toilets. security was set to be extremely tight. san francisco isn't the only new year party spot. at 10:20, how people in san jose are celebrating, and how restaurants and bars are trying to make the most of the holiday crowd. >> stay tuned after this broadcast for fox's new years special. new year's live. again, that's tonight at 11:00 right after this newscast. on the peninsula, police officers are trying to head off dangerous new year's eve tradition. shooting guns off in the air in celebration. officers say they can actually track the bullets right to the doorstep. >> reporter: that's right. shot spotter technology showed these two streets to be thick with celebratory gunfire last year. which is why officers are warning households tonight. >> happy new year. >> reporter: this new year's
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eve knock from east palo alto police includes a warning on how not to celebrate. >> if they discharge a firearm in the neighborhood it's a felony. >> reporter: where gunfire has erupted in years past. yet, those shots rang out in a field even as the warnings were being issued. then even more gunfire. traceable to a specific address by shot spotter sensors scattered across east palo alto. >> a lot of times by the time we get there, they're fleeing the scene. >> reporter: last year, the system counted 118 incidents, many marked m, for multiple rounds. no one was arrested, but no one hurt either, as fers were able to swarm shooting sites immediately. >> we're hoping we're able to get them out there quick enough. >> and hoping to keep them from continuing. >> yeah, that's our main point at this point, just to deter
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them. >> you can hear around the neighborhood. >> reporter: the families who worry about safety need no convincing. officers worry about households that aren't answering the knock tonight, or deny involvement. >> the not going on here. it's not going on in my yard, or it's not going on in my driveway. >> when you know it is. >> we know it is. it's just a matter of catching them. >> reporter: the adage, what goes up must come down is never more true than with bullets. they fall faster than they fire. the trajectory tends to strike people in the head. there's some optimism that these flyers are making a difference. so far, they've tallied five incidents. last year at this time, 18. reporting live in east palo alto, debra villareon. republicans and democrats have announced they have reached a deal on the tax
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issues that comprize half of the fiscal cliff equation. however, it's only a deal in principle. the deal raises the tax rate from 35% to more than 39% for households making more than $450,000 a year. but it puts off decisions on $110 billion in across the board spending cuts to military, and domestic programs. we get more now on capitol hill. >> reporter: a very happy new year for the senate, closing out 2012 with a deal. hammering out a compromise on spending cuts. deal or no deal, the u.s. is destined to go over the cliff, because the house convened monday night. earlier in the day, tough words for republicans. >> if republicans think that i
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will finish the job of deficit reduction through spending cuts alone, if they think that's going to be the formula for how we solve this thing, they have another thing coming. that's not how it's going to work. >> reporter: the deal will extend unemployment benefits, and bring back higher clinton era taxes on top earners. an increase in extensions from households earning $250,000 a year, reportedly to those making $450,000. frustrated republicans say while the deal will likely pass, it's not ideal. >> i personally just don't like it because i think we're kicking the can down the road, and we aren't really addressing the real crisis in our country, which really, to tell you the truth was not the fiscal cliff, it's a debt crisis. >> reporter: the sticking point of negotiations are now postponed for at least two months. we talked with some taxpayers in the bay area, many
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say they're frustrated with the way congress has handled the fiscal cliff negotiation. >> there's interests and lobbyists that are really controlling the decision making. we're kind of an afterthought now. >> lawmakers came together tonight. some financial experts say the bigger issue is an out of control federal deficit. and that part of the deal still needs to be address the. u.s. stock prices higher on this final day of the year. the dow industrials rose 156 points, the nasdaq was up 59. the markets had been flat all morning, but climbed after the president's remarks that a deal seemed close at hand. 2012 seemed to be a positive year for the markets overall. the dow was up 7%. s & s & p 500 15% and the
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nasdaq went up nearly 16% higher than when it started. secretary of state hillary clinton is in the hospital treating a blood clot. doctors say she did not suffer a stroke and expect her to make a full recovery. however clots are potentially serious if not treated. they can lead to a hemorrhage inside the brain. it's believed this blood clot is related to the concussion secretary of state clinten suffered earlier this month. the accident happened near the ma colome river bridge on highway 12 east of rio vista. first reports of the accident came in 9:15 this evening. highway 12 is closed in the area in both directions. firefighters in san
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francisco battled a house fire. pg and e crews had to dig up the road, and shut off the main gas line. four people managed to escape to safety. officials say the fire may have started in the garage and was not caused by a faulty gas line. in the south bay, investigators in san jose are trying to determine what caused a fire that killed a young girl and her grandparents. the fire broke out saturday night in a 2nd floor apartment on bridgeport court. three died in the fire. the child's mother escaped in the flames, which destroyed the family apartment. bart is replacing columns in the oakland connector. the columns are now visible along haganberger road. bart says the project is about 65% complete, and should be ready for passengers by
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september of 2014. the 3.2-mile system will not use bart cars, instead it will use driverless three car trams that are pulled along by a cable. similar to what is used at sfo. the cost is estimated at $484 million. the secret of the rose bowl. >> so you're driving blind. completely blind. >> we'll take you inside the float to show you what makes the drive so tricky. >> in 90 seconds, from boosting business, to causing crashe
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no austerity measures tonight. greece marks the new year with fireworks above the ancient ruins in athens. here in the bay area, people ringing in 2013 outdoors are wise to bundle up. it's cold. >> inside the store, the owner says business is up. this winter, temperatures consistently stayed cold. >> we always have a rush before thanksgiving. people want to get a fireplace insert in by thanksgiving. and be able to zone heat, rather than use a furnace, or an open hearth fireplace, which doesn't eat much, and pollutes. >> reporter: earlier, drivers encountered black ice. news chopper 2 shows us a car down an embankment.
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this car lost control. this afternoon, skaters took the fall in temperatures with ease. >> it is cold, but you get warm by moving. >> there she is, i don't want to break my bones. just watching. >> reporter: the father came into town with his daughter for the fireworks and remembers last year, a wet, and rainy san francisco. >> we came from odessa just to be here. >> it's cold here. >> reporter: tomorrow will be the bay area's first spare the air day of the season, as opposed to last year's 11 alert. >> we've had a lot of wet, unsettled weather this year, which has helped air quality a great deal. last year, we had a dry, cold winter, and it made for unhealthy air quality. >> reporter: this -- in walnut creek, jane hernandez, ktvu, channel 2 news.
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it's going to get even colder. coming up in four minutes, rosemary will be here with a look at the forecast. there is a glimmer of hope this even that at least part of the national hockey league season could be salvaged. more than 50% of the regularly scheduled nhl games have been canceled. the players association could get a response by tomorrow morning. a deal would have to be reached by january 11 to have a 48 game season. that is the minimum of number of games the commissioner has said he would accept. the stanford cardinal football team is in pasadena. fred shows us tonight the preparations for the big parade that proceeds the kickoff. >> reporter: the stanford band
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kicked off today's official rose bowl luncheon, crew members were busy putting the final touches on the 44 floats that will appear in tomorrow's 124th tournament of roses parade. >> just generally touching up the process. >> does that mean somebody screwed up? >> no, it just means that adjustments need to be made between what you see in the dark and what you see out here. >> reporter: roger thomas will drive the honda sponsored float tomorrow. it's the 34th consecutive year thomas has been undercover, steering the entire five and a half mile route, and never seeing one bit of the parade. >> so you're driving blind. completely blind. >> picture an umbrella on the ground, and just wandering around. it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: the famous corner of orange grove and colorado boulevard will be jammed with thousands of spectators tomorrow. and further down colorado avenue, folks are staking claim
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to their favorite viewing spots. >> we've been at this spot since 1985. >> reporter: the theme for this year's parade is oh, the places you'll go. for the stanford cardinal, they hope that place is the winner's circle, in the rose bowl. some place they haven't gone since 1972. in l.a., fred ingles. now made it to the president's desk, the 260,000- acre site now features rock formations and caves, located east of highway 101. the bill passed the senate yesterday, and is now awaiting president obama's signature, senators barbara boxer and dianne feinstein sponsored the bill. the federal designation would likely bring a tourism boost. the california supreme court ruled that people who get hurt on bumper cars and rough rides assume some risk when they decide to go on the ride. the ruling stemmed from a
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lawsuit brought by a san jose woman who fractured a wrist riding on a right at great america. good evening to you. freezing temperatures returning to the bay area late tonight. looking at stormtracker 2 over the last several hours, we watched high clouds move through the bay area, now to the south of us, we're dealing with partly cloudy skies. outside our doors right now, widespread mid-30s, to low 40s. already cooling off. if this is just the beginning of your evening, 37 in santa rosa at midnight. 44 san francisco, where the fireworks will be going on. 38 in concord. 38degrees expected livermore now, with the partly cloudy skies, the calm conditions, we will be cooling off once again, back to 31 degrees by tomorrow morning. right about sunrise. napa, 31 at santa rosa. 32 in concord. upper 30s, low 40s around the
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bay area. 37 redwood city. 39 in san jose. we'll be partly cloudy and cool for your afternoon. the system that brought us the high clouds this afternoon will stick around through tomorrow morning. bring us just a very slight chance. an outside chance at maybe a sprinkle. it really isn't going to impact us much at all. we do have an advisory with the chilly morning lows. i will say a spare the air, and it is not okay to burn wood in the fireplace for tomorrow morning. in addition to this advisory, we have a freeze posting for tomorrow night. i will bring you more on that, i will show you your temperatures expected for new year's day, coming up. a convicted killer who has been on san quentin's death row for decades now could soon be a freeman. marvin pete walker jr. was convicted of killing a 15-year- old boy during a hold up of a liquor store. the ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals is considering whether walker was improperly shackled
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during his trial. the court heard arguments earlier this month, but has not issued a decision. new year's eve celebrations are getting underway in the south bay. >> the party is on here in downtown san jose. how the sharks are making new year's eve even more important for restaurants and bars. ♪
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check that out. that's new years in the persian gulf nation of dubai. you would expect nothing less from the world's tallest building. >> new year's eve celebrations in the south bay are ramping up. tonight is crucial for certain businesses that are way behind
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this year. >> reporter: yeah, a little bit of everything from people here in downtown san jose tonight. we're here at a popular bar with a sports theme. without the sharks playing this season, new year's eve is more important than ever. going all out for its new year's eve celebration. the bar is trying to attract a big crowd tonight with food, music, and a relatively inexpensive cover charge. just $15 a person. tonight means a lot more since there are no sharks game. >> that's a lot of business. >> reporter: the bar manager says no hockey costs them about 50% of their business. forcing them to use about half as many employees. ringing in 2013 at the fahrenheit restaurant and lounge costs $100 a person. a champagne toast, and a balloon drop at midnight. for many couples, it was a chance to leave the kids home, and enjoy an adult night out.
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>> turn back the clock. feeling like our dating days again. >> it's very important for us to get out, and have a little fun on our own. >> reporter: the arcadia restaurant next to the convention center says new year's eve is the second busiest night of the year. jessica zucker and her spouse came for the special menu. they are celebrating 2013 and her new pregnancy. >> reporter: to replace the sharks, it says it pales in comparison to hockey night. the number 1 holiday for restaurants and bars is valentine's day. reporting live in downtown san jose. matt keller, ktvu, channel 2 news. bart is trying to help new year's eve partyers get home safe and sound. trains will be running until 3:00 a.m. additional trains are added for
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the expected crowds leaving san francisco. riders should check before hand. san francisco and muni is also helping out by offering free service tonight between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. tomorrow you don't have to pay a thing. this also includes cable cars. muni will also have extra metro service to get you in and out of the downtown area. aaa is bringing back its tipsy toe to keep drunk drivers off the roads. if you've had too much to drink, you can call aaa for a free ride home. that includes towing your car up to ten miles. the service is available until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, available to everyone, not just aaa members. bagpipes play today as hundreds of mourners pack a church in upstate new york to pay tributes to a man who fell at the hands of a gunman
11:57 pm
christmas eve. the 19-year-old was one of two firefighters shot and killed during the ambush in webster new york. police say the gunman, william spengler lured them into a deadly trap by setting his house and car on fire. the body of his sister was found in the house. authorities say spengler took his own life. the party is just getting started along san francisco's embarcadero. >> san francisco police taking a zero tolerance policy towards public drunkenness. we just watched them break up a fight. we'll have details coming
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hong kong rang in the new year, with a $1.6 million fireworks show in the harbor. here we have partyers gathering along the water front. right now, we want to check back in and see how the party is progressing there. >> reporter: yeah, frank, the crowd is steadily growing here on the embarcadero. just about three or four minute ago, we saw a fight broke out just on the other side of the justin herman plaza. san francisco police were on top of that fight and broke it up within just a couple minutes. crowds estimated as 250,000. new years is one of the banner nights for celebration in san francisco, with a 15 minute fireworks display set for midnight. we were on hand earlier this evening. crews put barricades up in the street to keep people out of the street, and out of the muni
12:01 am
tracks. police say they were taking, again a zero tolerance policy. partyers were just saying they're looking to have a good time tonight. >> just fun coming down here with everybody. especially with the weather today, it's going to be awesome tonight. >> reporter: the crowd here, largely peaceful. just about three or four minutes though, we witnessed a scuffle break out. san francisco police put an end to that almost needly. definitely putting into that zero tolerance policy. muni is running free tonight, and bart is running extra late so get everyone home safely tonight. that's one of the key words to make sure people adhere to out here is safety. ktvu, channel 2 news. we've posted a slide show of new year's eve celebrations from around the world. log onto and click on the images tab. investigators in san jose
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are looking at surveillance video to try to solve that city's 46th homicide of the year. it happened just this morning, a man was shot and killed in a parking garage. witnesses told police, the victim got into an argument, or fight with two men before he was shot. police said they hope the surveillance video will provide more information. the victim's name has not yet been released. the alameda county coroner identified the man as richard rice of berkely. the cause of death has not yet been determined. oakland police are asking for anyone with information about rice or the cause of his death to call them. a 15-year-old girl was shot to death yesterday afternoon. her name was jameel jordan. she was the 131st person killed
12:03 am
this year in oakland. that's the highest number since 2006. >> reporter: a collection of toys serves as a memorial for the 15-year-old girl. also hit, the girl's friend, a 14-year-old boy who managed to run to safety. >> he was real scared. >> reporter: this resident who did not want to be identified, said the boy ran the equivalent of a city block to get away from the shooter. >> right here is where the bullet went in, and it came out on the side. we set him down and put a towel around his leg. >> reporter: they're still interviewing the surviver and other witnesses about the homicide. >> it's very, very disheartening, discouraging, and embarrassing to the city and myself.
12:04 am
>> reporter: the oakland chief renewed wanting to identify the suspect. the fact this was not a random crime is small comfort to the people who live here. >> i don't think it's safe. this is the fourth homicide here. >> reporter: she says the complex has seen its share of violence. few expect the police department to solve its problems. >> they can't do it. they need help. they cannot do it. they can't be in all of these places at different times. >> reporter: oakland's police chief pledged his commitment to end gun violence. the plan for 2013, a return to neighborhood policing, and to add 70 new officers to the force. a woman accused of driving drunk and striking several pedestrians killing one on twin peaks in san francisco pled not guilty today. she is charged with manslaughter, dui, and hit and
12:05 am
run. prosecutors say eunice had a blood alcohol level of .13 when she fatally struck a chinese citizen earlier this month. a judge today reduced bail from $2 million, to $1 million. she is due back in court on january 14. police in the small, and affluent community -- they say they expect more arrests. robert honda has the latest developments in this case. >> reporter: another day of investigation for the los gatos police department. a possible home invasion at his monte sereno mansion. >> a time stamp of the last 100 commands into the gate. we're trying to just get a time stamp of who entered, and when.
12:06 am
>> reporter: today's efforts followed the arrest of deangelo austin in sacramento this past saturday. 21-year-old javier garcia was arrested on december 27 in oakland, and the day before that, 26-year-old lucas anderson was arrested while already in custody in santa clara county, for according to court documents, a burglary charge. raven dixon was the first suspect arrested, december 18. today, police told us they still can't discuss any possible relationships between the suspects or the victim as far as details about the killing. >> we do not believe we have all the suspects in custody, necessarily. >> reporter: police did reiterated, investigators believe the home invasion was not a random act. >> the police did an outstanding job on this. it was an isolated incident, and that's the most important thing. >> reporter: at this point, investigators are not releasing any background information on the suspects in custody, such as their hometowns. they still hope people who know
12:07 am
them will come forward. robert honda, ktvu, channel 2 news. new life tonight for a condemned pit bull in a legal tug of war between the dog's owner and the courts. a judge sentenced charlie, the pit pull, to death following an attack last august. the dog chased a u.s. park police horse tearing gashes in its leg and abdomen. a hearing is now set for january 11 in federal court. a $3,000 reward is now offered for information that leads to the arrest of the person who killed a dog during a robbery in san francisco. police say on friday evening, a woman was pulled over on leavenworth street near golden gate avenue when a man demanded money. the woman says she handed the man the $5, and he threw it into the street. the dog was critically injured, and later died. anyone with information on this case is asked to call police. a scathing new report
12:08 am
blasts the state department over the benghazi attack. supreme court justice, john roberts talks money. hear what he says will happen if the high court is not fully funded. >> a freeze watch for some. a spare the air alert for most. i'll have with a you can
12:09 am
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in south africa, the new year is a time for carnival. this year, there was also special thanks that 94-year-old nelson mandela is recovering from an illness.
12:11 am
john roberts is urging congress to fully fund the supreme court. justice roberts says a short fall in funding could result in delay, or denial of justice for people in the court service. the supreme court's current aappropriation is $77.2 million. congress today released a highly critical report about the deadly attack on the u.s. embassy in benghazi. >> the terrorists essentially walked into the compound, virtually unimpeded, and set it ablaze, due to extremely poor security. >> they released a report, titled flashing red. a special report on the terror attack at benghazi. four americans died in that raid, including u.s. ambassador, chris stevens who grew up here in the bay area.
12:12 am
they called on americans to close facilities overseas, if they cannot protect diplomatic staff. a special broadcast on national television to offer prayers for president hugo chavez who has suffered complications from cancer surgery. no details have been released. mr.chavez flew to cuba for his fourth cancer related surgery. he has been venezuela's president since 1979. eight captiving were held by pirates for eight years when their owner refused to pay $10 million in ransom. they've been held hostage on their ship for the entire time. they were freed by somali forces after a two week rescue operation. somalia's president has ordered that the hostages be compensated. in brazil, a helicopter crashed into the ocean.
12:13 am
the four crew members and a swimmer who was in the water nearby came away with only minor injuries. engine failure is being blamed for the crash. there were hundreds of workers at the time. see how much the minimum wage is going up as of tomorrow. from saying goodbye to the old we're, and welcoming 2013. >> and it is cold
12:14 am
12:15 am
london rang in 2013 with fireworks to the delight of
12:16 am
hundreds of people. in san francisco, minimum wage workers have to have a pay raise to start this new year's eve. starting tomorrow, the city's minimum wage goes up 30 cents an hour, to $10.55. that will make it the highest minimum wage in the country, moving santa fe, new mexico into second place at $10.29 an hour. california's state minimum wage is currently $8 an hour. anyone headed to a lady gaga concert will soon be able to enjoy mourn music. they will also be able to find referrals to local counseling services. ♪ [ music ] during her upcoming tour, the singer plans to have a bus on site that will provide a place for people to connect, and promote self-acceptance. it's an outgrowth of born this way, started by lady gaga's mother last year. it seeks a more accepting
12:17 am
society. where individuality is sell operated. as the start of 2013 approaches, a lot of people are taking time to look back on the year that was, and also look ahead to a new beginning. jana katsuyama on the sights and sounds of ocean beach as people watched the final sunset of the year. >> reporter: as the sun began sinking into golden clouds, and white capped waves, ocean beach became a pilgrimage point. people drawn to the edge of the pacific to see the final sunset of the year. >> a beautiful way to finish 2012. >> it's a great way to end the year, and hopefully, get a good one going next year. >> reporter: for some, this is annual tradition. for others, it's a reflection. >> it's been a really rough year, but things are going to be better. they're looking that way. we made it. it's another year.
12:18 am
the mayans didn't end the world. >> i have nothing to do. i'm just by myself. i just decided to come. >> reporter: once the sunlight faded, people gathered reflecting on the past year, and the one still to come. >> good luck, good prosperity, good money. >> really frustrating to live in a country that is so partisan, they just can't come to even the big decisions that need to be made on time. >> reporter: tonight, while the country stands on the brink of a fiscal cliff, many gathered with family, and loved ones. >> we're here with a lot of friends from all over the bay area, we come out every new year's eve. >> reporter: bringing light to the darkness, before a new year dawns. in san francisco, jana katsuyama. ktvu, channel 2 news. good evening to you. we are braving the big chill on this new year's eve. if you still have plans to get out, and celebrate into the new
12:19 am
year, may i suggest a jacket. it is chilly out there already. 33degrees in fairfield. a degree from freezing. livermore says 53. that's inaccurate. checking around, it's about 37 degrees, including pleasantton, that reading has been off all day long. 49 in san francisco. if you plan on heading out to see the fireworks this evening, dropping back another degree or two as we get into closer to midnight, 37 in a novato. we're looking at temperatures continuing to fall into the overnight hours. we're sure to be right about freezing. even slightly below that in some cases by sunrise tomorrow morning. watching this system here is the center of the low. the front moved through earlier tonight, you may have in thed high clouds moving through, even a little bit of high level moisture being picked up by stormtracker 2. this is not necessarily hitting the ground. i will not leave out just an
12:20 am
outside chance, maybe a sprinkle. this will be through tonight and into tomorrow morning. all in all, we're looking at just a very chilly, dry forecast. take a look here, picking it up at 10:00. partly cloudy skies right now. the models having a hard time with this system. it's going to drive right down california, and bring with it a slight chance for sprinkles tomorrow morning. by the afternoon, we're mostly sunny, and we're cool. in the wake of that system, temperatures even cooler than what we're going to feel tonight. 33 in vallejo. upper 30s for oakland. we do have that spare the air alert for all the bay area for tomorrow morning, it's going to be a chilly start. remember, it is illegal to burn if a firewood for your fireplace. for tomorrow, 52 in berkely. 52 for oakland. 52 san francisco. into the south bay,
12:21 am
temperatures more of the same. 53 san jose. mid-50s, expected in santa cruz. tomorrow night, some of the coldest temperatures we've seen so far this season. we are looking at a freeze watch for the north bay valley and mountains. temperatures could cover right about 30 degrees, even falling to 28. we'll get just a bit of a warm up as we head into the weekend. we're looking at dry conditions from now into the weekend. >> watch out for that black ice when the temperature goes below freezing. an update now on that deadly accident in solano county, we told you about earlier. it happened at 9:13 tonight on highway 12. the chp is confirming four people were pronounced dead at the scene. a toyota and honda were involved in a head on crash. in sacramento, two people were killed in a shooting. at least three others were
12:22 am
wounded. as a result of that violence, tonight's fireworks show in the state capital has been canceled. it's being called black monday. head c look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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our sports director mark ibanez has the night off. st.mary dug itself out. >> trying to do to the gales what they did to cal on saturday. building an 18 point lead. then st. mary's began a comeback. 1:36 left. the gales trail by 3, finds mitchell young down low. he makes it a one point game. he was fouled with 1 second to play. had a 1 on 1 at the line. made both free throws. st.mary's pulled out the unlikely win, going on a 16-5 win to end the game. the gales undefeated at home
12:26 am
this year. this is a day come to be known as black monday. head coaches and general managers pay the price for underperforming teams. today seven coaches and five gm's were shown the door. you would have to say it was a surprise that bears head coach, lovie smith was among the seven. the bears won their season finale yesterday, but out of the playoffs. he was one of three coaches fired today who had taken their teams to the super bowl. the other two were andy reid, and ken whizenhunt. four assistant coaches were fired by the raiders. the menu of bowl games on
12:27 am
this new year's eve included the chick-fil-a bowl in atlanta. clemson trailed lsu by two, and had a 4th and 16 on its own 14- yard line, with 1:22 left. throwing down the middle. deandre hopkins makes a sliding catch. the 26-yard play keeps the drive alive. the tigers move to the 20-yard line and in field goal range. clemson comes from 11 points down, and wins 25-24, wrapping up an 11-2 season. usc without matt barkley in the sun bowl against georgia tech. golden does this. the yellow jackets took it in from there. georgia tech wins 21-7. the team many picked to win the
12:28 am
national championship at the beginning of the year ends up 7- 6. tulsa handles iowa state in the liberty bowl, and stanford playing tomorrow against wisconsin in
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